Steatite Ceramic Insulators

LSP Industrial Ceramic’s Steatite Ceramic Insulator Offerings

LSP Industrial Ceramics (LSP) stocks a huge inventory of steatite ceramic insulators. We offer cylindrical insulators, conical insulators, heavy duty standoff and suspension insulators, and transmitting antenna strain insulators in a variety of standard sizes, thicknesses, and lengths. We also offer completely custom insulators manufactured to your specifications.

Steatite Ceramic Insulator Properties and Applications

Thanks to ceramic’s exceptional heat resistance and dielectric properties, all of our ceramic products can be used as thermal or electrical insulators. However, our steatite ceramic insulators are purpose-built for the task for superior performance in insulating applications.

We can grind steatite ceramic insulators to your specs, achieving tolerances within 0.0005”. Mounting holes with threads can be included, per your specifications. All insulators carry radii on all corners.

All our steatite ceramic insulators are available glazed or unglazed.

If you’re having trouble finding the right thermal or electrical insulators for your application, please contact us—we’re here to help! We offer many more steatite ceramic insulators than those listed here: