Alumina Ceramic Plates (Al203)

Alumina Plates

Alumina ceramics are the superior ceramic materials made up primarily of aluminum and oxygen. They are well known for being among the finest and most used ceramic materials for plates in many industries. Many manufacturers prefer alumina ceramic plates for several reasons, including excellent heat conductivity, insulating capabilities, corrosion resistance, high melting point, and extreme hardness.

We'll go through the qualities, manufacture, applications of alumina ceramics plates, and any other pertinent facts concerning the material. So let's get started right away!


Molecular Weight 102
Melting Point 2072° C
Boiling Point 2997° C
Density 3.95g/cm^3
Hardness 2000 Knoop
Fracture Toughness 4-5 MPa m^1/2
Tensile Strength 44kpsi
Hot Expansion 7.6x10-6/° C

LSP Alumina Ceramic Products 

Alumina ceramic plates have characteristics and features that make them ideal for a variety of conditions. LSP manufactures the following range of plates:

  1. Square plates

  2. Discs

  3. Substrates

  4. Lids

LSP Alumina Ceramic Plate Options

ALP00500 2" 4" 0.070"
ALP00502 3" 3" 0.015"
ALP00505 12 12 1/2"
ALP00507 100mm 100mm 1/4"
ALP00508 100mm 100mm .236"
ALP00509 4" 6" 1/4"
ALP00510 100mm 50mm .236"
ALP00512 40mm 100mm 10mm
ALP00513 1" 3" .125"
ALP00514 6.50" 4.50" .040"
ALP00515 2" 2" .062"
ALP00516 17" 3" .100"
ALP00517 150mm 65mm 10mm
ALP00519 40mm 40mm 0.4mm
ALP00520 40mm 40mm 0.2mm
ALP00521 12" 12" .188"
ALP00523 4" 4" 3/4"
ALP00524 1" 1-1/2" 1/8"
ALP00525 1" 10" 1/18"
ALP00526 5.71" .415" .0875"
ALP00526-1 .970" .665" .0875"
ALP00526-2 1.20" .415" .0875"
ALP00526-3 1.60" .815" .0875"
ALP0501 4.5" 4.5" 0.020"
ALP140 150mm 65mm 10mm
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Applications of LSP Alumina Ceramic Plates

Because of its versatility and inexpensive material cost, alumina (Al2O3) has widespread applications.

  • Alumina ceramic is particularly hard when compared to metals which makes it ideal for equipment used for grinding complex objects such as mortars and pestles and armor for vehicles and personnel.
  • Their ability to withstand erosion and weathering makes them suitable for the chemical industry.
  • They are considered very useful in traditional industries as injector tubes, insulators, and gas nozzles can be made out of them.
  • Because of their capacity to maintain their firmness at extreme temperatures, Alumina tubes are used to make d-furnaces and thermocouple protectors.
  • Alumina materials with high purity are ideal for ion implantation, optical lithography, CVD, and semiconductor components.
  •  With an alumina content higher than 95%, alumina ceramics can be used as excellent electrical insulators. They also have a low dielectric loss, with a wide range of applications in electronics and electrical appliances.
  • Transparent alumina ceramic plates are used to make high-pressure sodium lamps and infrared detecting window material because they have good permeability to visible light and infrared radiation.
  • Other essential applications of alumina ceramic plates can be seen in seal rings, medical prostheses, electronic substrates, ballistic missiles, and batteries.

Why choose LSP Alumina Ceramics Plates?

Alumina ceramic plates have a remarkable capacity to maintain their qualities in harsh conditions. Other materials may excel in one area, but the various properties of Alumina ceramics make it an all-rounder! (One that performs well even under pressure).

LSP Industrial Ceramics is the number one producer of custom-made alumina products, including our large selection of alumina ceramic plates. Our high-quality manufacturing processes are known for producing a variety of alumina plates. Plates produced by LSP Ceramics have a purity factor of 99.5% or higher. Once alumina ceramic plates are installed, they are guaranteed to last for years.

Our amazing team of experts with over 3o years of experience is always at your service with our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. We use our many years of experience in developing and applying advanced technical ceramic plates across a variety of industries to create the best solution for our customers' unique needs when it comes to material and design considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are plates made out of alumina ceramic safe for the environment?

A: Alumina Ceramic mainly consists of clay, and since clay is a purely natural raw material, one can say that it is environmentally friendly.

Q: How is an Alumina Ceramic plate made?

A: It's made up of bauxite and molded by injection molding, die pressing, isostatic pressing, slip casting, diamond machining, and extrusion, among other methods.

Q: What are the characteristics of a high Alumina Ceramic plate?

A: corrosion resistance, hardness, strength, and thermal stability

Q: Is Alumina Ceramic plate conductive?

A: For chemical and physical stability, alumina is the most well-known ceramic-based material

Q: How strong is the Alumina Ceramic plate?

A: Alumina ceramics have a hardness approximately three times that of stainless steel.