Steatite Ceramic Bushings

What Are Steatite Ceramic Bushings?

Steatite ceramic bushings, also known as eyelets or ferrules, exhibit excellent dielectric and thermal properties, making them ideal for use as electrical bushings and in high temp applications. The material offers outstanding durability. Steatite ceramic bushings are commonly used as antenna insulators, to support wires, rods or grids in ovens, and as wire guides in high voltage electrical equipment, among other uses.

LSP Industrial Ceramics (LSP) maintains a large, in-stock inventory of steatite ceramic bushings in a range of standard sizes, diameters, and thicknesses. We also offer specialty and hard-to-find sizes, available by special order. Available either glazed or unglazed.

If you are unsure of the right steatite bushing for your needs, feel free to contact us. LSP can help you find the best bushing for your application.